Beatification Cause of Father Etienne Pernet - Info flash n°3

A word from the Vice-Postulator--------------------------------------------------------------------

The leaflet no. 2 accompanying the ’Pain de Chez Nous’ of October 2013 noted the setting up of the central team. It met on the 14 January 2014. During it we shared the information received from the correspondents in Colombia and the U.S.A., as well as: 
  • the novenas organised in various countries, 
  • the favours obtained through the intercession of Father Pernet. 
We worked on the following projects: 
a leaflet on the life of Fr Pernet,
a new presentation of the prayer, 
how to present the novena.
Information about these will be given as soon as they are ready. 
Project - Celebration of an anniversary:
For 2014, we invite the communities to commemorate in a more solemn way the passing of Father Pernet from death to life in God, 
"The 3rd of April" 
by a gathering that would include, in line with the local context (a community or several communities) inviting: the families of the Assump-tion, the Fraternity, the Association of Our Lady of the Assumption (AOLA), the laity with whom we are linked – with a Eucharist – a convivial time on the initiative of each place, a sharing on the activities in the neighbourhoods – a discussion on: A beatification – what meaning does it have today? 
A saint is not a person who has no faults, but one whose love does not offer resistance to the work of Christ in him or her. 
To work for the beatification of Father Pernet – is this not to present him as a model of holiness for our time, in line with what Pope Francis has said concerning attentiveness to the poor? 
Sister Madeleine 

Seeking the Lord in what Fr Pernet said----------------------------------------------------------

’The Magi searched with faith and perseverance and that was how they found Jesus. 
Since we must seek Jesus, let us seek him with faith, let us have faith in him like the faith of the prophets and patriarchs. This faith illuminated their life and inspired their actions. Let us have the faith of the shepherds and the Magi, indeed, that of all the saints. Let us have faith in Jesus Christ who became man, who came into the world, dying for us; let us have faith in each of his words, faith that might make our reason incline, without destroying it. That faith will enable us to do what the Magi did. Having found Jesus, they despoiled themselves for him. Our Lord accepted their presents and rewarded them. He gave them his grace and his love. Thus they became saints, apostles, and took with them into their country the divine power that had transformed them and made them into kings pleasing to God. 
When we look at what is happening today, it is a distressing spectacle to see the enemies of Our Lord who continually speak and act against him. Those people are seeking him, but like Herod, the scribes and the Pharisees – in order to kill him. 
Alongside those who seek Jesus in order to put him to death, there is a crowd of people who do not bother about him, through indifference. What must we do for them? 
Pray and show them the path as the angels did to the shepherds. We must become angels and apostles so as to show them the path that leads to Jesus Christ. 
We must seek Jesus, but in order to find him, your faith must become more and more alive according as you move forward and understand better these words of Isaiah: ’Seek the Lord while he is still to be found.’ (Is 55:6)
Father Etienne Pernet
Retreat at Perpignan: 13-19 January 1884

Testimony by Father Mathieu Lombard, Augustinian of the Assumption--------------

’What should support you is the unanimous invocation of your Father by all those who knew him, on receiving the news of his death. Our beloved Father was invoked as a saint from the moment of his death because if anyone had earned heaven, he had; and what a beautiful procession of the souls of Little Sisters and of the poor must have been there to lead him to Our Lord who was waiting for him and calling him! From above, the Father will watch over his beloved children.’ 
Nîmes, 5 April 1899

Testimony by Cardinal Liénart, Archbishop of Lille-------------------------------------------

At the close of the meeting of the Assumption Fraternities of Lille at which he presided on Low Sunday, Cardinal Liénart addressed the Little Sisters of the two communities in Lille. 
In relation to the introduction of the ’Cause’ of Father Pernet in Rome he said: ’Do you know what Rome examines most attentively when the Cause is that of the beatification of the Founder of an order? 
It is to see what has become of his work. 
Make fruitful the seed that your Father placed in his work, retain the good reputation that the Little Sisters of the Assumption have had up to now, be saints. This is even more important for the success of the cause than the miracles.’ 
12 April 1931

Extract from the report of the Sacred Congregation for the Cause of Saints – Parisien – Stephani Pernet (Rome, 1975)-------------------------------------------------------                

Praise that was already ’of the Church’ 
As is the case for every cause that ends with canonisation, the official recognition of the holiness of Etienne Pernet will give glory to God for the action of His grace in hearts.
In fact, this praise began with the death of the Servant of God and his funeral was a homage to the holiness of his life expressed by a crowd in which the most numerous were the poor whom he had loved so much. This homage quickly became ’a reputation for holiness’ thus justifying the opening of the Process. 
In 1965, on the occasion of the centenary of the foundation of his work, in the 26 countries where the work of the Servant of God is present – in Europe, in Africa, in North and South America, in Oceania – the members of the families who had been cared for, the civil and religious authorities and the whole of the Assumption family wished to honour the memory of a man, doubtless for his human and social work (as can be seen from the action of the City of Paris giving the name of Etienne Pernet to one of the squares in the city) but, at a deeper level, to celebrate and recognise the saintly example of the Servant of God, his evangelical message and his apostolic action, and so bear witness to the efficacy of the grace that had been given to him. 
This unanimous praise, present al-ready in the Church, came from all categories of the Christian people, especially the poor and the workers. There is a countless number of families for whom the Servant of God is somebody close, and thanks to whom Christ is more loved and the Church is better known. They are to be found in East Harlem in New York, in the suburbs of Paris, Rome or Madrid, in London and in Brussels, in São Paolo, in Montréal, in Buenos-Aires.
This is so much the case that it is no exaggeration to say that, if Father Pernet were to be canonised some day, he would immediately be ’a universal saint’.
[Extrait n°192]

Intentions confided and graces received--------------------------------------------------------

The following accounts have come to us from Argentina: 
(1) From Elisa and Marcelo, 27-07-2013: 
’We wish, through this letter, to recount the blessing we received. For ten years we greatly wanted a child but there was no result from any of the scientific treatments. When we had lost all hope of being parents, we met some people who talked to us of Father Pernet, and we began to feel hopeful again. We made several novenas, and with such faith that, one day, we received the joyful news: I was pregnant. 
My pregnancy went very well, with no complications, and on the 31 March 2012 our daughter Julia was born.
That was our experience with Father Pernet; he was our intercessor with God.’ 
(2) From Gabriela and Roberto, 29-07-2013: 
’For 13 years, my husband Roberto and I wished to have a child and underwent treatments, without any result. In March 2012, I received a fragment of Father Pernet’s habit and I began to pray to him to be our intercessor with God. I had that fragment of his habit with me each time I went to have a new treatment. 
Thank you, Father Etienne Pernet, for having supported and strengthened my faith. Thank you, Lord, for your blessing. Quite simply: Thank you! ’
Secretariat for the beatification cause of Father Etienne Pernet: 
Sr Madeleine Rémond
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