Be the Change, Seminar March 9th 2013, Dublin.

On March 9th a group of 24 people, little sisters and friends met for a seminar on “Be the Change”. Led by two Mercy sisters, Agnes and Lorena, we were guided through a series of reflections and discussions to help us re-awaken our sense of the Universe and deepen our understanding that everything is a revelation of the Divine.

During the day we considered the following questions:
Where are we?
How did we get here?
What is possible for the future?
Where do we go from here?
What can we do collectively?
These questions helped us reflect on our effect as humans on the Environment.
From the time of the Industrial Revolution the Earth is under stress from human activity, natural habitats are being degraded, soil erosion is occurring; rivers being polluted and species are becoming extinct. We are using more of the Earth’s resources than can be renewed and Life itself hangs in the balance.
There is a belief that wealth can make us happy and as humans we have mastery of the Earth.
“The Earth is there for us” is a false belief, it is a resource for all species and we have a responsibility to become aware of how we treat the Earth.
We need to consider Environmental Justice and be conscious of using no more than our fair share.
When we throw things away where is “away”? We contribute to the build up of waste and nothing goes away.
We have relationships, human to human and to all species on the Earth, we are not separate, the World does not operate as a huge machine.
Indigenous cultures teach us about the interconnection of all things, that what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves. The Pachamama Alliance (Indigenous people of the Amazon) seeks to connect their wisdom and modern knowledge for a just, sustainable and thriving world.
There is a spiritual crisis in the world, shown by great loneliness and we experience pain and anguish, turning to distractions such as drugs and mass consumption to ease it. Material gain does not lead to happiness; we need each other and all living beings to survive. 
We need to let the energy of the Earth flow through us and learn that what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.
We have a role to play in moving forward with understanding; we need to act on issues that affect the environment and to remember the Power of One, the power to do something, however small.
Possible actions:
Find or start a community that shares your passion.
Engage everyone around you in this conversation.
Educate yourself about the impact of your lifestyle and acquisitions.
Make informed choices.
Involve yourself in local, regional, national and global policy discourse.
Relate to the world as a global citizen.
At the end of the seminar we were asked to make the following commitment:
“ I am committed to bringing forth 
an environmentally sustainable, 
spiritually fulfilling and socially just 
human presence on this planet 
as the guiding principle of our times.”
Resources:, the Pachamama Alliance site, 
The Universe Story, Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme.
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