Be the change

The Anglo-Celtic JPIC commission is organising a workshop titled Be the Change open to each one and our companions on 9th March next.

Using film clips, slides, and looking at the work of some of the most notable thinkers of our time such as Brian Swimmer, Desmond Tutu and Thomas Berry, the workshop/symposium guides participants through a series of questions to a new understanding of:

- Where are we?
What’s our current situation in relation to the environment, our spiritual fulfillment and a social justice human presence on the world.
- How we got here – tracing the root causes that lead to our current imbalance
- What is possible for the future – discovering new ways of relating with each other, with the Earth and looking at the exciting and emerging Movement for change and harmony 
- Where do we go from here – considering the change we want to be in the world and our personal and collective passion for change and happiness
We believe the changes that we make in our lives can bring about an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and social just presence on this wonderful planet is an achievable dream for the future.
The Anglo-Celtic JPIC Commission
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