Apostle and community life

The spirituality of an APOSTLE

In order to be an Apostle, a Prophet, a Martyr, we must link contemplation and action, prayer and mission.
"Have the ability to go from prayer to dedicated action.
Prayer and action / Action and prayer should be one and the same thing"
(Etienne Pernet)
In order to evangelise the poor one must be poor oneself :
"The poorer you are, the more you will be real religious apostles."
"’For the one who is truly poor, God is enough." (Fr Pernet)
An apostolic life that is lived out in COMMUNITY
"Our community life, the sign and proclamation of the gathering together of humanity in God, takes its inspiration from the life of the first Christian communities and from the Augustinian tradition: "Be of one mind and heart in God" (Rule of life nº 22)
"Living in community is something prophetic if we welcome the strength of this gift in order to grow together and reveal, through tenderness and compassion, the maternal face of God. 
It is the moment to proclaim by our life that it is possible to change human relations: the announcement of a new world."
"The Eucharist we celebrate invites us to follow Jesus in the offering of his life, to live out actions of reconciliation, to reject isolation, in a word, to be sisters, being quite sure of the One who brings us together."
"We believe that God has given us the gift of communion; the certainty that we are loved is a source of our joy." (Council of Congregation 2001)
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