Anniversary of the death of Antoinette Fage

Antoinette Fage, who was later known as Mother Marie de Jésus, was the co-foundress of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, with Father Etienne Pernet, an Assumptionist priest.

On the 18th September we will be celebrating the 128th anniversary of the death of Antoinette Fage (Mother Marie de Jésus) co-foundress of the Little Sisters with Father Etienne Pernet who said of her in 1884: 
’’Antoinette Fage was the person most at the disposition of God of all the people I have met… Ask God to help you to walk in her footsteps.’’ 
She herself constantly encouraged the sisters in the first foundations. In March 1875 she wrote to them: 
’’… Don’t be worrying; do what you can and let the Lord make up for all that you are not able to do. He will certainly give you the help you need when he wishes to do something good through you’’.
We can take these words for ourselves today...
Sr Madeleine Rémond (archivist) 
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