A knock on the door, contact with young people in Galway

Sister Teresa lives in Sea Road community in Galway

Across the road from our house is the Jesuit church and second level school.
Seven years ago a student named Aisling from the school knocked on the door to give us complementary tickets for a play being performed in the school the following week.
Aisling was invited in for coffee; she needed to go back to class and promised she would call again. She came back later in the week and brought a friend with her.
They became constant visitors and brought others, enjoying the welcome and relaxed atmosphere.
Aisling and her friends finished school and moved on with their lives, they introduced the next group of students, this has continued, each year a new group comes to visit. 
The contact has grown and developed; the students come once a week and discussions are lively on many topics dealing with social awareness, being non-judgemental and listening. Some have taken part in reflections on Scripture and prayer.
On special occasions they help out with Liturgies in the Jesuit church, adding their musical and creative gifts to the ceremonies.
The young people enjoy the space and openness of our house and the opportunity to chat in a safe space; they bring us great life and keep us in touch with their world.
Over the years some of the students have maintained contact with us, including Aisling, the first to accept the invitation. They share their journeys, knowing that they are welcome and accepted in every situation.
Sister Teresa, Little Sister of the Assumption
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