3rd of April 2014: anniversary of the ordination and of the death of Etienne Pernet

Today, the anniversary of the ordination and of the death of Father Etienne Pernet, we are meeting at 11.15 a.m. for a ceremony in the chapel of the Mother House of the Little Sisters of the Assumption.

A year ago, at the request of the general council of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, a team of men and women religious, committed laypeople and friends was formed with the aim of having the sanctity of Etienne Pernet, their founder, recognised. 
This team wished that today, the anniversary of the ordination and death of Etienne Pernet, we would commit ourselves all together, here and throughout the world where the Little Sisters are established, to do all we can so that the sanctity of Etienne Pernet be recognised and proclaimed. We must make his life known, in particular his special closeness to the most humble and deprived among us. We must gather as many testimonies as possible to the graces and favours that have been obtained by praying and invoking him. That is the best path to the beatification. 
It is now, without waiting, that it is necessary to prove the holiness of Father Pernet and ’find’ the miracle that the Church requires. Today, and in each coming year, we must mark this anniversary. In that way we will develop awareness about this cause for the beatification of our founder among those who are in contact with and who like the Little Sisters. 
Our team is in contact with correspondents for ’the cause’ in the countries where the congregation is so that they may communicate about our mission and let us know about the graces obtained. We must create the necessary means of communication, for the good of ’the cause’. This ’beatification’ will be proclaimed only if all of us, everywhere, pray. For this, the text of a novena for invoking Etienne Pernet will shortly be at your disposal. 
So, we are proposing that you pray and work today, tomorrow, every day, here and everywhere so that Etienne Pernet be recognised as being the person he defined in this way: 
A saint is a heart completely given to God and at the mercy of God.’
’As you well know, prayer is the key that opens the heart of God, it is the omnipotence He has placed in our hands; those who pray have God with them; God stoops down to us when we pray to Him because, at the same time that Prayer raises us, it draws God into to us and places Him at our disposition.’ 
Father Pernet, 7 March 1897 
’If you live with Our Lord you will become like Him, you will end up by thinking, acting and loving like Him, He will communicate His life to you. … If we seek to know and understand this divine model better, our spirit and our heart will be shaped according to Him and instinctively we will walk in His footsteps.’ 
Father Pernet, 7 June 1888

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