2010 International Fund’s supports


America School St Joseph of South Dacota
Brazil Project Casa Margarida Alves
Brazil Social Center - A. Fage Ibirité
Burundi Participation in the creation of a social center
Chili with Caritas Maroc 
Chili & Haïti  MIDADE - Support to children from Chili and Haïti 
Columbia Project Maison A. Fage - Cali 
Congo  Support for building KIKWIT tank
Congo Project - Water in Butembo with Oblates of Assumption 
Spain Association "La Huertecita de Cartagène"
France Association "La Pierre Blanche"
France Foundation "Notre Dame" - fooding support
France  "Oeuvre du Nid"
France  Secours catholique / Advent campaign
France  "Aux Captifs la Libération"
France  Mosaïques, 9 
France  Lebret Centre 
Haïti  Help after the earthquake by Father Romel 
Haïti  Help with CCFD 
Haïti  Help by Father Romel 
Haïti  Creation of a kitchen garden
Internetional  DCC 
International  Cimade 
International Jesuit refugee service
Italy Association dello Spiritu Santo e del Immacolatasua 
Liban Association Anta Akhi - handicaped children
World Médecins sans Frontières 
Orient  "Oeuvre de l’Orient"
Salvador  Help after the typhon
Soudan  Solidarity UISG 
Tunisia Help for a library IBLA of White Fathers
Vietnam  Help for drinking water system 
Vietnam   Help for home livings


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