Spain - From Granada – April 2014

In this month of April when we celebrate the feast of the Resurrection, the Little Sisters and groups of laity from Granada took time to evaluate the year. 
In Granada we Little Sisters accompany two groups of couples and a third one with women. 
When we began the year 2013-2014 we told you that we were waiting for the formation material drawn up by the International Team of Little Sisters and laity. This is a valuable resource so that each group may continue working and developing it. For various reasons it was delayed, but this did not prevent each group drawing up its formation programme. 
For some time past, we in the community have been concerned that there be possibilities for Christian formation; we believe that the laity must have a solid Christian training. This conviction became stronger and we began the journey in 2013. 
The programme was drawn up by a team composed of laity who were members of the two groups and a Little Sister. It is entitled ’CREYENTES A PIE DE CALLE’ (simple, ordinary believers). 
It is a training programme that is open to any persons interested in their formation at the level of faith and commitment. 
There are monthly meetings with an average attendance of about forty persons. 
The speakers at these talks/ debates are teachers from the faculty of Theology Granada (Jesuits). 
It is an ongoing challenge for the Church today to train laypeople who are committed so that together we may continue extending the Reign of God. 
At the social level, the Little Sisters, with members of these groups, participate in the ’Circle of Silence’. On the first Friday of the month there is a silent gathering as a protest against the systematic violation of human rights in relation to the immigrants who take the risk of entering Spain. 
Because the border with Morocco is so close, the entry of undocumented immigrants is continuous. They do this through embarking on small craft that are not seaworthy; this is unfortunately a daily news item. 
Another entry they use is on the border with Ceuta, climbing over a huge wall covered with barbed wire on which they injure their arms, hands and fingers. Sadly, many young people die in making this attempt. 
These actions are organised by the Association ’A Desalambras’. 
In the midst of these realities, some so gratifying and others so painful, we are trying to live from day to day with hope. 
Pilar, Little Sister of the Assumption
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