Second meeting of the international Commission of Sisters and laity

From the 2nd to the 6th of July 2014, the International Commission of Laity and Little Sisters met in Paris to continue carrying out the mandate given by the 2011 General Chapter for sharing the Charism with the laity. Present were the lay persons Maryalice Spencer (USA), Maria José Salmeron (Spain) and Victor Andres Galindo (Colombia). The Little Sisters present were: Eugenia Hueto, (General Council), Agnès David (France), co-ordinator of the commission, Pilar Romero (Spain) and Amparo Montes (Colombia).

From left to right: Sr Pilar Romero, Sr Eugenia Hueto, María José Salmerón, Sr Agnés David, Sr Marie Françoise Phelippeau, Superior General, VÍctor Galindo, Maryalice Spencer, Sr Amparo Montes
They were five intense days, marked by prayer, reflection and desires to give concrete expression to the journey of sharing the charism between laity and Little Sisters. It is a permanent attitude of seeking together how to continue broadening the space of our tent. We were also able to share with Marie Françoise Phelippeau, the present Superior General, and tell her how this time of meeting together as friends encouraged us to place in common our joys, our worries and our successes. We also shared how we came to some agreements and proposals that will soon reach each of you and which, we hope, will encourage to continue along this path of sharing the passion for the Reign on the basis of the Charism, Spirituality and Mission of the Assumption, given by God in the intuition of Father Pernet and Antoinette Fage. 
We are returning to our countries with many more desires, hopes and obvious commitments, but convinced that we have taken big steps through the small actions we have proposed and which we hope will lead all of us to be more daring so that, following the example of Jesus, Servant and Saviour, we may show forth the glory of God through the service of the poorest on this beautiful planet. 
With our affection,
the International Commission of Laity and Little Sisters 
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