We, Little Sisters of the Assumption, are apostolic religious women, who live in communities that are often international, in harmony with the intuition of our Founders Etienne Pernet and Antoinette Fage. Inspired by the Gospel and motivated by the pressing need to proclaim the Good News and testify to the joy of believing, we work to help bring about the Reign of God and his Glory through the salvation of the poor and those considered to be "unimportant".

Sisters living in Galway

Sisters living in Galway

23 April 2014 - In our life

Claude was presented with the medal in recognition of her work with Cura, from 1984 to 2008. Cura is a voluntary organisation, an agency of (...)

  • Some echoes from USA

    Some echoes from USA

    15 April 2014 - In our life

    The U.S. Province expressed their gratitude to Lois F. Woods, Provincial Secretary from July 1998 to January 2014 as she retired for a second time! Lois wrote to the Sisters sharing some of her (...)

  • Gospel Study 3.0

    Gospel Study 3.0

    10 April 2014 - In our life

    As is shown by this man in the parable of the Kingdom, these realities exist today: the ’newness’ of the media that enable us to jump over spatial borders and the seeking by young people which (...)

  • Madagascar - Community of Sahalava

    Madagascar - Community of Sahalava

    2 April 2014 - In our life

    After I had made my first vows on the 22 September 2012, I was sent to the community of Sahalava where my mission is to help Louisette in the nutrition follow-up service so as to be able later on (...)

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