News from Little Sisters in Malibay - Philippines

The Feast of the Patron of our Parish Church, San Juan Nepumoceno, takes place on May 15th.This year the celebration began on the first day of the novena leading up to it, when the mass was celebrated by our Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle. The meal after this mass was provided for about 1200 people.

Gradually the streets were garlanded with decorations made from plastic bags and flyers of various colours, giving a festive appearance to the whole area. Each Barangay, (a zone which is the first level of government here) had a special archway erected at its entrance, and the whole area got a coat of new paint (pale green and pink). The noise in the Centre for Culture and the Arts (a basketball Court) as competitions and band practices increased.
On the Fiesta day there was a procession after the mass.
There is a small but very old statue of San Juan Nepumoceno which is cared for by one family at a time for the whole year. This ‘Caring’ is quite a commitment as it involves bringing the statue to the church for daily masses at 6a.m. and 6p.m.
This statue, and a reliquary, was carried with great care around the Parish. It was accompanied by several brass bands, native dancers, and representatives of groups in the Parish. Small children wearing colourful dresses carried banners depicting the mysteries of the rosary. Older girls dressed in traditional Filipino dress went ahead of each segment of the procession.
After the joy of this celebration, all returns to the noisy busy, traffic-filled streets of Malibay, but all retain memories of another time of joyful community Togetherness.