Life and mission today


The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption was founded in 1865 in France, at the beginning of industrialization, by Fr Etienne PERNET, Assumptionist, and Antoinette FAGE with the aim of "procuring the Glory of God by the salvation of the poor and little ones".
We are present in 22 countries in all continents.
Alongside other Christians and with men and women of good will, we labour so that effective solidarity and the integrity of Creation contribute to the coming of a just and peaceful world. 
Our mission leads us, in the poor populations, towards those who are excluded, those who have no voice, those who are displaced, giving particular attention to young people and women in difficulties.
We promote spaces where people can express themselves; we encourage all kinds of meetings in our neighbourhood or at work, trying to bring people together and awaken communities of faith. It is our way of playing an active part in society and in the Church.
In this way, we find that it is possible for each person to grow as a human being and that we can be transformed by one another, according to God’s dream.
Gathered together by Christ, we place all our strengths in common.
"The Eucharist communicates to us the limitless love of the Lord"
In community, we meet together around the Word of God and, secure in God’s love, we seek to transmit the joy He gives us. Mary, in her Assumption, strengthens our hope. We support one another in carrying out our mission. 
Consecrated to the Lord, we put in common all that we are and all that we have. Through that, we offer up our life to Christ. We open out to what is universal. This path of growth in freedom is our way of living out the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
"There is great happiness in living with the life of Jesus Christ and in becoming another Christ."
Etienne Pernet
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