Letter from Juan Pablo - Colombia

My name is Juan Pablo Agudelo and I am a member of the laity group. I like it because we learn how to live in peace and to know what is just and what is unjust. My three companions, Luz Amparo, Fabio and Daniel, teach me many things. They tell us that God has done much for us and now we must do something for Him like: caring for the environment, avoid throwing rubbish in the street, caring for people and, the most important, that there be peace. In the group they told us about you Little Sisters and about the laity in Cali, Bogotá and Medellín. It is important to see what all are doing and each of their actions. 
I am happy in the "semillero" because I have learned more about God, and to love others, to behave well, to understand the commandments. Now that we are studying the Bible I have learned that the life of Jesus is a fountain of life, of love and of forgiveness. I like the fact that we are learning songs and prayers and we end every meetings with a prayer and we sing Etienne Pernet’s prayer: "My God, unite all minds in truth and all hearts in charity." 
I would like to thank you for sharing the spirituality and the charism with us. 
Assumptionist Laity Semillero (Villatina 2012) 
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