From the beginning (fraternities)

In the context of the 19th century, marked by the growth of industrialisation, Etienne Pernet saw the special place the family had in society and in God’s plan. 
This perception, which he shared with Antoinette Fage, had its roots in their personal history, in the situation of the workers of the time and in their grasp of the inexpressible tenderness of God for those who are ’unimportant’. In reconstituting the family, in creating the Fraternities, they wished to ’refashion a people for God’. 
  • An account of an international meeting - Italy

    Le 26/10/2012 - From the beginning (fraternities)

    When our little community of three sisters risked suggesting that the international meeting for the Fraternities might take place in Rome, we were not being rash: we knew that (...)

  • Belgium - The Brussels Fraternity

    Le 16/05/2014 - From the beginning (fraternities)

    At a meeting of a group "Emerging from Violence", I had become acquainted with Anne-Marie, who used to know the LSA, her parents having belonged to the fraternity in (...)

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    Le 17/10/2014 - From the beginning (fraternities)

    Impressions of this gathering of the Fraternities in Brussels Thursday 8th of May: After the journey, during which we were able to talk and share with one another, we were (...)

  • The Fraternity Charter

    Le 12/04/2011 - From the beginning (fraternities)

    Today, like yesterday, the Fraternity is a place for listening and speaking that enables all, individually : to be welcomed as they are and to express themselves freely; (...)

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    Le 25/06/2012 - From the beginning (fraternities)

    It was our brothers and sisters of the Fraternity who were to write to you but, as they are not very accustomed to taking up the pen, and to avoid putting them in an awkward (...)