From one General Council to another !

The General Chapter has just come to an end. In view of the Little Sisters mission three orientations were voted. This work is the outcome of the contributions from the communities and from the consistent and generous work of the outgoing General Council.

Mercedes Martinez, Lucie Licheri, Micaela De Wilde ( for 12 years ), Marie France Bouleau and Irene Bailey ( for 6 years ) have placed at the service of the entire “ Apostolic Body ” their life, their abilities ,their dynamism and faith in the charism, during all these years. We thank them warmly and with all our sisterly affection.

A new Council is beginning … The handing over is slowly taking place … Not in a “political” way, but in simplicity and fraternity. It is a blessing for us, a richness that we can share, in the Church and in this world. Wherever we are, in Congregation, the mission is awaiting us, and the call is resounding in each of us: “ Go…I will be with you…”

Marie-Françoise Phelippeau, new General Superior

The former General Council was formed by ( from left to right )

Marie-France Bouleau (France), Mercedes Martinez (Espagne), Irène Bailey (Irlande), Lucie Licheri (France), Micaela de Wilde (Argentine) :



The New council is formed by ( from left to right )
Eugenia Hueto (Espagne), Piedad Berrio (Colombie), Marie-Françoise Phelippeau (France), Mary Keenan (Irlande) et Geneviève Langlois-Meurinne (France) :




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