En route for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption / 17 July 1865–17 July 2015

Introduction to the spiritual journey

During this year 2014 – 2015 we are proposing that we return to the source of the Charism, cultivate our roots and experience together a spiritual path that will give an extra impetus to our commitment as ’women, religious, apostles’. 

Over the years we have sought to embody the charism in a constantly changing world by drawing on the main points dealt with at each General Chapter. 
This stage is intended to be a time of thanksgiving for the gift that the Spirit made to the Church through Etienne Pernet and Antoinette Fage. This gift commits us along a path of Faith and Daring as we follow our founders in our reality such as it is for us today. 
’With Christ joy is constantly born anew.’ 
(Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel, no. 1)
Every month you will receive a paper on a theme inviting us to personal assimilation that would open out to a sharing in community. 
You may also offer this process to the Aolas, the Fraternities and to lay friends. 
Other texts will be proposed as an appendix for those who might wish to go further and we invite you to look for others in your own country. 
In this way, we will journey from Easter 2014 to Easter 2015.
The stages of our process / click hereafter to see the different stages :
1. Rooted in Christ 
2. The poor: those who were special to Christ 
3. Our roots: St Augustine 
4. In apostolic community 
5. Prayer of a poor person, prayer of an apostle 
6. At the core of the charism: the family 
7. Simplicity – humility 
8. The encounter of cultures, Good News 
9. Justice and peace 
10. Called to follow Him: religious consecration 
11. The charism, a treasure to be shared with others in the Church 
12. Journeying with Mary 
13. May your Kingdom come 
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