Consecrated lays

We who are filled with passion for the world, because that is God’s passion.

Who are we ? 
Women, lay women, consecrated women, who wish to follow Jesus Christ by consecrating to him our lay state in the conditions of our time.

  • AOLA : choice of two councillors

    Le 21/07/2014 - Consecrated lays

    Following her appointment as General Delegate of the AOLA, on the 20th of April this year, Elisabeth has informed us of the choice of her two councillors, resulting from the (...)

  • Colombia - AOLA International Meeting

    Le 18/07/2014 - Consecrated lays

    Luz Marina, Alba, John Freddy, Patricia, Luz Amparo, Victor, Marta Elena, Amparo ’Greetings to my sister Aolas! I am Marta Rivillas from Colombia. I should like to share with (...)

  • Meeting of Laity and Religious – October 2013

    Le 10/03/2014 - Consecrated lays

    400 religious (men and women) 750 lay persons 21 priests 10 deacons 3 bishops About 150 religious institutes (...)

  • What do we live ?

    Le 11/04/2011 - Consecrated lays

    Each of us stays in her life setting, with her profession, her commitments, her forms of solicarity, taking on our responsibilities. Our life of prayer, which is the (...)

  • Where do we come from ?

    Le 11/04/2011 - Consecrated lays

    From an intuition going beyond the foundation of the L.S.A., Father Pernet , in fidelity to the Spirit and to the needs of the world, created various lay groups. One of them (...)