Beatification Cause of Father Etienne Pernet - Info Flash n°2

A word from the Vice-Postulatrice…
The leaflet inserted in the "Pain de Chez Nous" of the 21st February 2013 indicated that there would be a regular publication concerning that question; this is no. 2. 
Since then the team has been joined by Sr Marie Claude Prat, plus two members of the Fraternity (as part of the Assumption family) and Fr Dehouck A.A. 
A first meeting of the "central team" is planned for the 26th of September in order to put into effect the work drawn up with Father Julio Navarro Roman – postulator. 
Messages are reaching me telling about the novenas, the intentions that have been confided and the graces obtained through Father Pernet. All this demonstrates the confidence in his intercession that is still alive and encourages us to continue our appeals and to communicate them either to: or to the following address: Petites Sœurs de l’Assomption Archives – 57 rue violet – 75015 Paris.
I think the recent beatifications are an encouragement because of the upsurge of faith they have brought about in the dioceses concerned by highlighting the contribution these beatified persons make in the life of the Church and of the world today.
With regard to what concerns the life of Father Pernet we now have a new aid thanks to the book by Frédérique de Watrigant entitled: "Passionnés de Jésus – Christ" by Frédérique de Watrigant. (in French only, at the moment)
At the end of this year of Faith, inaugurated by Pope Benedict XVI, I am offering you some texts so that we may draw on the faith of Father Etienne Pernet.
Sister Madeleine Rémond 
What Father Pernet said about faith---------------------------------------------------------------
"The sentiment that should animate our prayers is faith in Our Lord, a living and confident faith in the One who always receives us and listens to us. Are we really convinced that He is our all, that we owe everything to Him and expect everything from Him, who is infinitely good? It is a mark of honour to have confidence in somebody and not to show confidence in return is to close our heart mutually. 
Humility honours God and confidence disposes Him to grant us everything." 
Father Etienne Pernet 22 May 1881[D3025]
"The Holy Spirit unites us to Our Lord by faith. The person who has faith will be saved. 
My very dear children, even though we recite the Creed, the symbol of our faith, every day, let us frequently say to Our Lord that we believe in Him as God and as man. As Creator God, it is He who formed us and we owe our life to Him. As God man, He is our Redeemer, the only mediator between God and human beings. … 
To have a deep faith that accomplishes what is owed to God, to the neighbour and to oneself! Oh, my children, I beg you, let us not be satisfied to have the faith that was placed in us at our baptism: let us enliven it, inflame it by every means, above all by meditation on the life of Our Lord, his death and his presence in the sacrament of his love, and, finally, let us envisage him at the right hand of his Father in his glory."
Father Etienne Pernet, 2 January 1892 |D2080]
Testimony by Renée David----------------------------------------------------------------------------
An auxiliary sister – (a group of consecrated laywomen founded by Father Pernet)
"Father Pernet struck me first of all by his great simplicity: his eyes nearly always lowered, not giving the impression of trying to move those listening to him but simply saying to them aloud quite honestly what he was meditating, describing faithfully what he could see, what filled his thoughts, what overflowed from his great heart. 
From the initial developments of the words of the Gospel that I heard from his mouth: do not possess gold or silver, nor a bag or shoes for the journey, I felt convinced that I was not mistaken and that the thoughts of God where there beneath the recollected features of the great Father Pernet who thought so little of himself or of the effect he might produce.
That was surely how Our Lord must have talked to his Apostles, for hearts less prepared than mine, so that minds knowing very little about the lessons of the Gospel might be able straight away to love them, understand them and to have only a firm determination to follow them more and more. 
This desire to understand the words of Our Lord and to put them into practice progressed with each letter I received, at each interview that God willed to arrange for me frequently from the month of October 1895 until the death of the Reverend Father. And even now, simply the memory of him and the thought of his untiring devotedness give me fresh enthusiasm, a renewal in the service of God, simply by thinking of it."
1899 [1A2B n°286] 
Testimony of Mgr Albert Battandier---------------------------------------------------------------
Member of the commission for the examination of new Institutes.
In a letter addressed to Mother Marie du St Sacrement, Superior General, Mgr Battandier testified that "the approval of the institute of the Little Sisters of the Assumption and the approval of their Constitutions have been granted in an exceptional manner". 
He added: "Reverend Mother, I cannot help seeing in that the action of the Reverend Father Pernet who, from heaven, is protecting you and has obtained for his dear daughters more than he would perhaps have asked if he had been on earth… What a joy for your institute, what a strengthening in your vocation, what esteem your sisters must feel for their Congregation".
Rome, 4 July 1901 2J1-1B n°26
Extract du rapport de la Sacrée Congrégation pour la Cause des Saints – Parisien – Stephani Pernet (Rome, oct. 1975)-------------------------------------------------              
The apostle and the founder 
"His apostolic daring was the daring of a poor man, accepted and understood by his ecclesiastical and religious superiors. The work was to grow and, with its lay Fraternities, would receive its full apostolic dimension. But, in relation to the work, the Servant of God always remained in the same dispositions of abandonment and availability to the plans of God. 
Tenacious and moderate, rather than enterprising and impetuous, he overcame day by day the difficulties raised by a work that surpassed him. 
Alone in a world that was bound to the power of money, he was able to maintain the poverty of his Institute and his confidence in Providence. Although of indifferent health, he was constantly in the fray, travelling, and coping with formalities. Not being in the least one of the wise and astute of this world he had to encounter many civil and religious personalities; bring together men of different classes and cultures, so that there might come about in the Church, and starting from human families, "that magnificent hope of seeing all peoples submitted to the same Pastor, Christ." 
(notes of a hearing on the 19 Dec. 1878) 
"And nevertheless, at that moment, a heavy atmosphere of anti-clericalism weighed on the Church while the fierceness of the social struggles raged in the world. Leaving the powerful to their intrigues he turned towards "those small people whom Jesus calls his own" (Directory) so as to give them, before it was too late, the joy of the Gospel and the assurance of being the special persons of the People of God." [Extract no. 188] 
Intentions confided and graces received--------------------------------------------------------
The 20th of May 2013 
News concerning the cure of my niece Véronique, born on the 11 October 1966 in Orléans.
When she was born an anal imperforation was noted and she was sent immediately to the neo-natal service of the St Vincent de Paul hospital in Paris. There she underwent an operation for a more serious malformation: an atresia of the oesophagus with a bronchial fistula. All was normal for the operation but her state became very worrying: her heart was weak, an oesophagus-pleura fistula appeared. The doctors were afraid there was a rupture of the suture with flooding of the bronchial tubes. 
The surgical intervention was put off from hour to hour. 
It was then that, in community and with all my family, we began a novena to Father Pernet, and then a second one that ended on the 23rd of November. On the 26th Véronique was returned to her parents. In December of the same year, when she went for a check-up, there was no trace of the atresia nor of the bronchial fistula. The child was declared to be cured. 
Two years later, the second operation, that for lowering the perineum, was faced confidently. It passed off normally. 
Since then, Veronica has married, she has two grown-up children and is very much aware of what she owes to Father Pernet’s intercession. 
I could complete the file, which would confirm my conviction with regard to the intervention by Father Etienne Pernet. 
A very big thank you. 
Gaby Saliou, Little Sister of the Assumption
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