Assumption 2012 : meditation

The feast of the Assumption brings us together and calls us to be one in heart, in solidarity with one another and aware that we are part of a long history. How many of us have celebrated this feast in confidence and, very often also, in supplication!

For us today, we can recall the first words that we hear from Mary in Luke’s Gospel: "How can this come about?" 
Already Mary appears to us in dialogue, someone who takes an active part, in simplicity. Isn’t this the attitude that we can perceive throughout the Gospel? Mary who is present, attentive. 
A trusting and vigilant presence. That is how we can imagine her during the time after the resurrection of Christ when she was in the Cenacle upholding the morale and the faith of the apostles. 
It is in this time of waiting that the Spirit appears! The Cenacle-House, the Church House, must open their doors and their windows! The Spirit comes for everybody, and for all the peoples of all ages! 
The 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council reminds us of this: "The Council gave up any thought of writing a treatise on morality […] With true compassion the Church entered into dialogue with the world." (Alain Thomasset, Jesuit). The doors and the windows must be opened.
However it is difficult to live out this choice! Fears are constantly re-appearing. The temptation to withdraw, to return to what one knows rather than to continue the journey, works its way in. The tensions relating to the liturgy, ethical questions, the place of women, and even suspicions concerning the religious life in some countries – all this entails great suffering. 
These same struggles are taking place in our societies: the rich countries wish to close their doors and protect themselves. In countries that are among the most neglected, minorities seek to retain their privileges to the detriment of their people. 
All this shows that to be of the Church in this world, without being of the world, is a real struggle. 
Mary was present to the world of her time. As a daughter of Israel she took on the sufferings and the hopes of her people. In the Church that was being born she witnessed the first tensions and the paths to be marked out so that the Good News of her Son might be incarnated: all persons were loved by the Father in the many new realities of her time. She was present there, supportive, trusting and certainly praying. 
Mary teaches us to become intimate with Christ and to be adorers of the Father. 
While the first words of Mary were a question: "How can this come about?", intimacy with her God directed her whole life. That is why she could say at Cana: "Do whatever he tells you." 
Her life was passed between that question and the implementation of the Father’s project. 
This time is our time, the time of a Church that is the "People of God" as described in Lumen Gentium. A collegial Church, a Church in which each baptised person has a place. The Church, Body of Christ and communion. What a treasure! The Common Home that we wish to build with many others, and notably with those closest to us: AOLAS, the Laity in the Fraternities, the spirituality groups, those who are partners with our various associations, but also those people with whom we are in contact, those who are suffering, those working for justice and peace. This house has truly its place today. 
Will it have a listening heart because we, like Mary, take the time of prayer to meditate, contemplate, "build on rock"? A house that will thus have its doors and windows open and where the wine of Cana will flow abundantly to be shared? 
Etienne Pernet, our Founder, said to us: 
" We will never know the Blessed Virgin well enough. There is a principle, a truth, that I wish to formulate and which I beg you to retain in your mind and in your heart – it is that the Holy Virgin has a missionary role that still exists…" 25/10/1891 (...) "She will be the mother of Life." 08/09/1895 
Wishing you a very happy feast of the Assumption, 
With all our affection, 
The Little Sisters of the Assumption
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